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Commercial Saddles - Sectional

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Series No. 900
Sections are telescoped together to create a one-piece saddle for ease of installation. Minimum width - 6” in even inches, Maximum width - unlimited.
All Aluminum Saddles furnished in Alloy 63 T5 Mill finish. All Bronze Saddles furnished in Architectural Alloy 385.
Class 85 designates Polished Bright Extruded Bronze.
Class 86 designates Dark "Oxidized" finish.
Class 87 designates Satin Extruded Bronze finish.
Class 88 designates Mill finish Extruded Bronze.
Class 99 designates Extruded Aluminum

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Item #



E_F5_E Aluminum
9F5 Aluminum
8F5 Bronze
9F4 Aluminum
8F4 Bronze
9F3 Aluminum
8F3 Bronze
E_F3_FC_F3_EB Aluminum
9E Aluminum
8E Bronze
9FC Aluminum
8FC Bronze
9EB Aluminum
9ES Aluminum
8ES Bronze
ES_F3_E Aluminum
9ED Aluminum
8ED Bronze
ED_F3_E Aluminum
  Results 1 - 19 of 19 1