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Meeting Stiles - Adjustable Astragles

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Reversible Adjustable Astragal

FEATURES: A unique plunger design which permits incorporation of a wool pile insert strip, for a more positive weather seal than has been possible before. For less critical applications, the same plunger can be reversed to provide the customary metal-to-metal contact. Adjustable astragals provide an efficient and proven method of compensating for expansion and contraction of doors. They are designed to fit any type of door-and-stop as closely as possible, to help prevent drafts and exclude dirt and dust. Equally suitable for use with wood or metal doors, the astragals are practical, simple, sturdy and easily adjustable. Constructed from two extruded members (frame and plunger) the astragals operate by means of a special spring in conjunction with adjustment screws located approximately 10" on center. The adjustment screws are provided with underhead lugs which mesh into corresponding grooves in the astragal, thus preventing the adjustment from being disturbed by vibration. In applications where two floating members are employed, be sure that wool pile insert strips are used on one side only providing a pile-to-metal contact. If pile is used for both members, making a pile-to-pile contact, excessive friction will be encountered.

HOW TO SPECIFY: For wood or metal doors: List number of pieces, and length in inches.

Class 99 designates Extruded Aluminum

* Designates available in "Quaker Bronze Finish (Specify "D" after material number)

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9155 Aluminum/Surface Astragal
9157 Aluminum/Half Mortise Astragal
9156 Aluminum/Mortise Astragal 9156
901 Extruded Aluminum & Wool Pile
1000P Extruded Aluminum & Wool Pile
  Results 1 - 5 of 5 1