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Hinged Door Weather Strip Saddles - Assemblies

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Sectional Extruded Saddles
Combine features of flexibility not obtainable in the one piece type saddles. The extension members are interchangeable and carried in stock in standard widths from one inch to five inches with one inch variant, making it possible to extend or decrease the width of interior or exterior members to meet practically all conditions. For example, the width of Saddles 28B, 28C, 32C and 32B may have extensions of five inches on each side of the main member.
All Aluminum Saddles furnished in Alloy 63 T5 Mill Finish. All Bronze Saddles furnished in Architectural Alloy No. 385.

Class 85 designates Polished Bright Extruded Bronze finish.
Class 86 designates Dark "Oxidized" Extruded Bronze finish.
Class 87 designates Satin Extruded Bronze finish.
Class 88 designates Mill finish Extruded Bronze.
Class 99 designates Extruded Aluminum

Self-Leveling Principle
A most important feature is the Self-Leveling Principle of the pivoted extension members. This is particularly important when floor and sill levels vary. Both extension members may be screwed in place or the inner extension member may be left loose and made to extend over mats, runners or similar floor coverings.
Exterior doors opening in: the extruded brass raindrip No. 15 is recommended for use in all installations for doors opening in.
Item No.21 is provided with each interlocking saddle.
Note: Drainage provision must be made on lower outside edge.

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